Where it all began...

We love weddings - it's the ultimate celebration of love, companionship and commitment; and that's just the beginning. We believe your day should be as stress free as possible, as the cliche is correct - it all goes far too quickly! We aim to introduce ourselves below personally and give you an insight into our own wedding day. We hope we can, in some small way, add some enchantment and magic through our truely unique products and services.

its nice to meet you!

We are Alex and Daniella

We've been a team since the beginning. Between us, we love creativity and putting our stamp on everything we do. This goes from inventing eccentric cocktails to planning our own DIY wedding from scratch. Alex has an Aerospace Engineering background and now leads on manufacturing and crafting our product ranges as he refused to cut his hair for the RAF!

Daniella brings the ideas, creative flair and attention to detail to our duo. As a writer of poetry and lover of all things vintage and floral, Daniella understands the importance of the visual aspects of any event, from table dressing to our whimsical product range. Before obtaining a first class honours degree, Daniella developed extensive experience in high end customer service, procurement and hospitaility.

We were married in 2018 and have learned so much about how to plan fun, personalised and truely unforgettable weddings. We have two little girls who have just as much as hair as both of us combined!

Our september DIY wedding

All in the details

Daniella dressed all of our tables for 90 guests herself with some help from mum. The vision was clear - Vintage, Classy, Relaxed and with our style intertwined into everything the eye could see. We are both musical, so musical scores and our favourite songs were the table names alongside musical boxes, serving as the place names and favours. We included acoustic guitars to sign and performances from both of us - you get the idea.

an unforgettable day for all

Why choose us?

Wedding planning is so exciting and we both genuinely miss sitting down together to invent new ideas, think of all those enchanting and special touches and then seeing it all appear on the day. Planning a wedding should be fun and whilst not everyone wants to get stuck into all the tiny details - we believe our experience can help you build your own truely magical day with our whimsical product ranges and one of a kind garden games.